Offering flight deck door monitoring, cargo bay monitoring and internal and external CCTV recording systems

SKYCAM is a specialised aircraft CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) system designed by Cheshire-based aviation specialists, Cabin Avionics.

It is a highly adaptive system and its main uses are flight deck door monitoring, freight surveillance, external monitoring and special missions.

SKYCAM can be used to monitor all cabin, freight holds and external areas. It is also ideal as a standalone security system. Utilising SKYCAM's miniature digital recorder, evidence of air rage incidents, ground handling disputes and baggage theft can be recorded.

With our expertise and experience in aircraft systems design and integration, SKYCAM has been designed for ease of installation and ease of operation, earning an exceptional reputation in the aviation field for its innovation.

Design and Certification

The component parts of the SKYCAM system are supplied with an EASA Form 1 and a Certificate of Conformity, required for installation on Large Passenger Aircraft worldwide.

Each SKYCAM system is supplied with an EASA approved modification for the installation on EASA or FAA registered aircraft. We have an existing EASA STC for most aircraft types. If you aircraft is not listed, we would be happy to quote for your aircraft type.

Our EASA approved modifications include technical publications, installation instructions, Electrical Load analysis summary, Weight and Balance summary and office based tecnical support.

We can also offer FAA approval for all applicable aircraft types. Please contact our design team for further information.

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