Flight deck monitoring

With the introduction of locked and armoured cockpit doors, our aircraft CCTV system allows both pilots to view the area outside the door to ensure it would be safe to open.

The SKYCAM FDDMS is designed to meet the requirements of ED-123 and chapter 13 of ICAO Annex 6.

  • Ease of use by the flight crew
  • Ease of retro-fit
  • Low installation time
  • High reliability

In the FAA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) [Docket No. FAA-2005-22449] Flightdeck Door Monitoring and Crew Discreet Alerting Systems, Cabin Avionics are listed as a supplier of these systems.

SKYCAM Flight Deck Door Monitoring

SKYCAM Features

SKYCAM Flight Deck Door Monitoring

The SKYCAM FDDMS system comprises of a 5" colour LED monitor with selectable camera inputs. Each camera is auto-focusing, auto contrast and auto low light operation (infra-red option available).

The integral power supply feeds all cameras, therefore the only aircraft interface is 28V DC.

The SKYCAM FDDMS can be used in conjunction with our miniature SKYCAM Digital Recorder. The SDR records video images (and optional audio) to removable flash disks.