Cargo & Freight Surveillance

The SKYCAM freight surveillance system is an infra-red camera system for use in the total darkness of the cargo areas of the aircraft. This system can be used for a variety of applications such as:

  • To confirm that the cargo areas have been loaded correctly
  • To establish that cargo has not being tampered with
  • To identify smoke in the cargo area

SKYCAM freight surveillance uses the same VDU as the standard flight deck door monitoring system and therefore can be added on to an existing installation by adding the SKYCAM selector box and infra-red cameras.

Alternatively, it can be installed as a stand-alone cargo monitoring system using its own VDU and cameras.

SKYCAM Freight Surveillance

SKYCAM Reliability

The SKYCAM freight surveillance system has been operational for many years with a very high proven reliability. The system is simple to maintain and should a repair be required, each camera VDU or Selector box can be easily removed and replaced with the minimum of down time.